Village Green Recreation Association

Community Updates
as of May 2, 2022

VGRA Board Opening(s): Anne Ellington and Robin Daisley were elected at the annual meeting held in November 2021. Per the governing documents, the Village Green Recreation Association (VGRA) board can have either three or five members. So, as of January 1, the board needed to appoint at least one person to fill out the required third position on the board. Jay Piner has indicated that he is willing to step up to serve on the board. Thanks, Jay!

If you are a member of the VGRA and interested in becoming more involved in the Village Green community, the board can appoint two additional board members to bring the total up to five. Anyone interested in serving on the board is encouraged to contact our property manager,, who will be happy to answer your questions or relay your contact information.

Annual VGRA Dues/Pool Access: The VGRA depends on the annual dues payments of all members to set an annual budget for the maintenance and care of the pool, playground, and field. To access the pool, current/paid members must use their pool keycard/fob at the gate. Pool keycards/fobs for accounts that are not paid current are deactivated and will not open the pool gate. A dues assessment notice was sent to all members indicating the amount of $264 (no change from last year) with information about paying online or through your bank's bill pay function. Payment coupons were mailed in case anyone prefers to pay by handwritten check. 


Members should also have a key to access the bathrooms (handle lock). Please note that the bathroom handles do not turn, simply insert and turn the key in the handle's lock and then push the door open. Contact if you have not paid your assessment for 2022 (or prior years), if you need assistance obtaining a pool keycard/fob or bathroom key, or if you have any questions regarding pool season, access, maintenance, or other concerns. 

Pool Season and Updates: The normal pool season runs six months in length from April 1 through September 30. This year, the pool opening was delayed until Saturday, April 16  to allow for the replacement of the pool liner. This is a significant task that is necessary every 10-12 years. As a result of the delay, the VGRA board decided to shift pool season later by two weeks this year. So the 2022 pool season will end October 16.

After waiting on several companies to provide quotes for re-strapping the pool loung chairs, the board contracted with one of the companies. The green and white pool lounges are being re-strapped this year. The company that is re-strapping them agreed to do them in two separate groups so that a supply of lounges would remain available for members to use. The first group of lounges is currently being worked on and should be returned by Friday, May 6. When they are returned, the second group will be taken for re-strapping and returned 7 to 10 days later. This means there will be fewer lounges for two weekends, but a full complement of newly strapped lounges for the remainder of this season and beyond. 

Playground Information & Updates: The VGRA playground has two play areas: one is designed for children ages 2-5 and the other for children ages 5-12. The structures provide a variety of activities to enagage young minds and bodies. Some residents have expressed an interest in the possibility of adding to the existing playground.


Recently, the VGRA was approached by an Eagle Scout candidate who grew up in Village Green. He has proposed doing an improvement project at the playground. The VGRA board has agreed to the project. Since the scout is a high school student and he is responsible for the design, approvals, fundraising, and implementation/construction, it may not be until after school is out for the summer before he can devote whole days to the project. In the meanwhile, he is researching structure designs and contacting people with expertise in playground planning and safety.  


Additionally, the board has requested and received a playground review and recommendations from a local playground specialty vendor. In addition to this report, the board also solicited ideas and quotes from this vendor and another vender for additional equipment that would enhance the offerings at the playground. After reviewing the information from both vendors, the board will make a plan for how to proceed in a fiscally responsible manner.

​Food Truck Thursdays: The VGHOA and the VGRA have agreed on a schedule of alternating Thursdays (and possibly for special events) for food trucks to be parked at the end of the pool parking lot from 5-8PM. There will be different trucks each time, so there will be an opportunity to try some of the best food truck menus in town. Many of the different food truck(s) post where they will be along with their menus at Whenever possible, we recommend that you place your order ahead through this website.

Our Community Manager

VGRA is managed by Poston & Co.
635 Rutledge Ave., #105 Charleston, SC 29403
​(843) 853-5300

VGRA Board:
  • Anne Ellington
  • Robin Daisley
  • Jay Piner

Due to COVID restrictions during 2020 and 2021, the VGRA Board has conducted business via email, phone, and Zoom. We anticipate
in-person board meetings for 2022, but will use Zoom whenever in-person meetings cannot be arranged.

A meeting of the entire membership is scheduled annually and announced. All members are encouraged to attend, and to complete and return a proxy for voting/representation purposes.

VGRA Membership Info: Membership in the VGRA is required by deed for homeowners in Oakleaf and Sweetbay. Homeowners in River Oaks and The Willows may choose to become VGRA members. Please contact Victoria Hays at Poston & Co. via email to ​for any membership questions or concerns. 
VGRA By-Laws and Covenants: These documents are accessible by request to our property manager, Poston & Co.


To Report an Emergency Issue
or Crime-In-Progress at the Recreation Area:  Dial 9-1-1


To Report a Maintenance or Other Concern: ​Call Poston & Co. at
(843) 853-5300


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